Are you choosing the most durable roofing material?

If you’re considering a new roof installation or a tear-off and replacement, tile roofing in La Quinta is the smart choice. It’s incredibly durable, but repairs, maintenance, and installation can be hazardous. That makes it critical to hire a trusted local tile roofing company. Reliable Roofing has decades of experience. From choosing the right materials to guaranteed installs and repairs, our roofers always put the customer first.

Tile Roofing La Quinta

Choose 25 years of local roofing experience.

With more than 25 in the roofing industry, we know what makes up a reliable roof. Our roofers understand how weather conditions affect tile over time, and what steps need to be taken to ensure your installation will last. Tile offers some serious benefits. Deciding on the right tile pattern, color, and especially material provides you with the look and qualities you want.

The Benefits of Roofing Tiles Include:

  • Long-term durability – When maintained, tiles can last more than 100 years.
  • Sustainability – Tiles are a green roofing option and entirely sustainable.
  • High-resistance – Tiling offers significant hail resistance and is Class A fire retardant.
  • Efficient – Roofing tiles are great at reducing heat and keeping your home cool.
  • Individual repairs – We can replace individual tiles when damage occurs.

Choose the Reliable Roofing difference.

Many roofing companies don’t want you to know that the durability and quality of your tile roof is tied to other construction materials. Durable outer tiles don’t last nearly as long if the underlayments and flashing are low quality. We always use the highest-grade materials your budget allows, and show you how choosing better materials now can save you money over time by increasing the lifespan of your roof.

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Tile roofing is always in style. It delivers long-term protection and timeless beauty, just make sure you have it installed by a reliable local roofing company. We’re Reliable Roofing and we deliver on our promises. Call or contact us to schedule an appointment today. We provide tile roofing in Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, and everywhere in between!